Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust advises local residents to ‘Take extra care in the hot weather so you can enjoy it and stay well’, and if you do start to feel unwell please seek medical advice as soon as possible.

While many people enjoy hot weather, high temperatures can be dangerous, especially for people who may be particularly vulnerable such as older people, young children and those with serious illnesses. Those most at risk include, those over 75 and those with dementia, babies and young children and people with other serious chronic conditions, for example with heart or breathing problems. People who are very physically active, for example those doing sports, can also be at higher risk in the hot weather.

The main risks posed by hot weather are; dehydration, overheating, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke, there are a number of simple precautions people can take to prevent these happening. For example, making sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water or fruit juice, staying out of the direct sun as much as possible, either in the shade or indoors, and making sure you are well protected when you do go outside with loose clothing, a sun hat and using plenty of high factor sun cream.

It is also important that if you’ve got frail, elderly relatives or neighbours, it’s a good idea to check up on them to make sure they’re okay. Keeping to the cooler rooms in the house also helps and, for those who are going to stay indoors, make sure you have enough essential supplies - food, water and any medication.

If someone does start to feel unwell, get them to a cool place, sprinkle them with water and make sure they drink plenty of fluids. Common signs to look out for include breathlessness, dizziness, cramps, confusion and weakness – if these don’t go away or start to get worse then please seek medical help as soon as possible.