The Artisan Section of St Georges Hill Golf Club has generously given £1327.80 of fundraising to the Ashford Breast Cancer Support Group.

The team captain, Paul Cunningham, nominated the support group as the charity of his choice, stating that it’s a cause he holds very close to his heart, after losing his mother to the disease, and being brought up by his grandparents as a very small child.

The Ashford Breast Cancer Support Group, which is self-funded and has been running for 18 years, is one of the strongest and longest surviving breast cancer support groups around and offers support and practical help to those who have had or are undergoing treatment for breast cancer and also support to their loved ones.

The group is made up of members of all ages and each have formed tight friendship circles within. It is said that most support groups over time fall apart but this one in particular has flourished. The group holds regular informal meetings in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and provides a monthly programme that covers topics including complementary therapies.

This is an amazing time for the group to be offered such a donation with the developing chemo service in Ashford Hospital.

Pat Morrison, the chair of the support group has said this money is gratefully appreciated as it will go towards providing ongoing support to breast cancer patients in our local community.


The above photo shows (from left to right) – Sarah Burton - Lead Macmillian Nurse, Pat Morrison - Chair of support group, Carol Edmonds Vice Chair, Helen Adam – Member, Martin Green – Member of Golf Artisan Group, Paul Cunningham – Captain of Golf Artisan Group, and Faithe Cockcroft – Breast Cancer Nurse