Title Last Review Next Review
Central Alert System (CAS) Policy Apr-20 Apr-23
Clinical Procurement and Introduction of New Products Policy Jun-21 Jun-24
Committee and Group Policy Feb-14 Feb-17
Complaints, Concerns, Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS), Compliments and Remedy Policy Jun-23 Jun-26
Dealing with the Police and Other Public Bodies Jun-21 Jun-24
Education, Learning, and Development Policy Nov-22 Apr-25
Freedom to Speak Up: Raising Concerns (Whistleblowing) Policy Nov-23 Nov-26
Handling the Media Policy Sep-20 Sep-23
Induction Policy Sep-22 Org-22
Managing Conflicts of Interest Policy Jun-21 Jun-23
National Guidance Monitoring Nov-23 Nov-26
PAT Dogs and Assistant Dogs on Hospital Premises Jun-23 Jul-26
Patient Safety Incident Response Policy (PSIRF) Apr-24 Apr-26
Policy Writing and Ratification May-18 Dec-20
Preceptorship Policy for Newly Registered Practitioners Mar-24 Apr-27
Publication and Provision of Patient Information Nov-14 Nov-16
QSIA Policy Sep-22 Sep-25
Records Management Policy Nov-22 Nov-25
Rostering Policy Apr-23 Apr-24
Safe Staffing Policy (Nursing and Midwifery) Apr-23 Apr-26
Scheme of Delegation Feb-23 Feb-24
Standing Financial Instructions Feb-23 Feb-24
Standing Orders Jun-23 Jun-24
Supplier Representatives Policy Jul-20 Jul-22
Supporting Trans Patients and Service Users Jun-22 Jun-25
Use of Social Media Policy Dec-16 Nov-19
Witnessing Documents for Patients Policy Jun-21 Jun-24


Protecting Your Online Privacy
Protecting Your Online Privacy

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