The Trust is required to clearly define policies and procedures for all premises under its control. Through this operational policy Estates aspires to provide a safe, high quality Healthcare environment for the Trust’s patients, staff and visitors.

This policy is intended to represent a clear undertaking by the Estates Department of the Estates and Facilities Infrastructure Team to carry out a range of specified services to the standard and level detailed in this document.

This policy has been designed to reflect the working relationship that exists between the Estates Department and its end users and stakeholders. It is anticipated that the document will supplement the Estate support services to the Trust and act as assurance on the matters in which end users and stakeholders receive the services. This departmental policy provides guidelines to cover:-

  1. A clearly defined Operational Policy (this Policy)
  2. Qualitative statements about the services to be provided.
  3. Programmes for continuing improvement in delivering those services.
  4. The framework, constraints and boundaries within which those services are delivered.
  5. The organisation, roles and responsibilities of Estates and Facilities Infrastructure staff and resources to provide those services
  6. The means of measuring and monitoring the efficacy and efficiency of the Estates Department; and to assure Value for Money; to regularly review the scope and definition of provided Estates Department services.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Keith Hayward, Head of Estates Operational Services
Ratified by: Estates and Facilities Assurance Group
Date Ratified: November 2018
Date Issued: December 2018
Review Date: November 2019
Target Audience: Estates and Facilities Staff
Contact name: Keith Hayward, Head of Estates Operational Services