Title Last Review Next Review
Acting Up and Secondment Policy Jun-24 Oct-24
Adoption Leave and Surrogacy Policy Jan-23 Jan-26
Alcohol and Drugs at Work Policy Jun-24 Oct-24
Annual Leave Policy Jun-24 Oct-24
Annual Leave Policy for Medical Staff Dec-20 Nov-23
Appeals Procedure Jun-24 Jun-27
Career Break Policy Jun-24 Oct-24
Conduct, capability, Ill health and appeals policies and procedures for practitioners (doctors and dentists) Dec-20 Nov-23
Dignity at Work Sep-21 Sep-24
Disciplinary Policy Sep-24 Sep-24
Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) Policy Aug-22 Aug-23
Dress Code Policy (incl. Personal Hygiene) Feb-22 Feb-25
Emergency Cover (Acting Down) Policy Sep-22 Nov-22
Flexible Working Policy Nov-22 Nov-25
Grievance Policy Sep-21 Sep-24
Job Matching and Evaluation Policy Sep-21 Sep-24
Maternity Leave and Fertility Treatment Policy Jan-23 Jan-26
Medical Appraisal and Revalidation Policy Dec-20 Dec-23
New Parent Leave Policy Jan-23 Jan-26
Organisational Change Policy Jun-24 Jun-27
Partnership and Recognition Agreement Apr-21 Apr-24
Performance and Capability Policy Jun-24 Oct-24
Personal and Family Relationships Policy Jun-24 Oct-24
Recruitment and Selection Policy Aug-21 Aug-24
Retirement Policy Dec-22 Dec-25
Shared Parental Leave Policy Jul-23 Jul-26
Sickness Absence Policy Jun-24 Oct-24
Special Leave Policy May-19 May-22
Staff Allocation Policy for Accommodation Aug-21 Aug-24
Temporary Staffing Policy Oct-18 Oct-21
Transitioning at Work Policy Sep-21 Aug-24
Volunteers Policy Jul-20 Jul-23


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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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