This document sets out the framework for the operation of the Trust’s Bereavement Office.



This policy explains the role of the Bereavement Office which aims to provide a sensitive, efficient and timely service to the next of kin of patients who die at Ashford & St Peter’s Hospital NHS foundation Trust. The role of the Bereavement Office is also to educate and inform staff of the Bereavement Office function and how to achieve best practice and to promote the image of the Trust as caring for not only its patients, but also those with whom they share their lives.


Policy Details

Download: PDF version
Compiled by: Bereavement Officer
Ratified by: N/A 
Date Ratified: December 2021
Date Issued: December 2021
Review Date: December 2024
Target Audience: Nursing and Bereavement Office Staff
Contact name: Bereavement Officer


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