A new Hospital Guide service began this week at St Peter’s Hospital, staffed entirely by volunteers, to help patients find their way around the hospital.

Voluntary Services Manager, Julie Addison, explains: “We know that when patients arrive at hospital, often anxious about an appointment or worried about a friend or relative, not knowing where to go simply adds stress to their visit. St Peter’s Hospital is large and quite spread out and not the easiest building to make sense of so we decided to set up a new service to help our patients and visitors and to take as much stress out of their visit as we could.

We have two volunteers working in our main reception area every day to direct or escort people to where they need to go. Working alongside our receptionists the volunteers are approaching people who look lost or who are not sure where to go and already patients and visitors seem to be appreciating the new service.”

The volunteers are wearing matching purple shirts with name badges so they are easily identifiable to patients and are enjoying their new role.

Chief Nurse, Suzanne Rankin, added: “We’ve been aware for some time that we need to offer our patients and visitors more help when they arrive in hospital and this is one in a series of improvements we are making to help our patients have a better experience when they come to hospital. A patient’s visit begins the moment they arrive on site and the more we can do to ease their journey the better their overall experience will be. We are extremely grateful for the time given to us by our volunteers, all local people and often patients themselves, and without their generous help we wouldn’t have been able to offer this new service.”

The Trust is always looking for more volunteers, from all ages and cultures, to enrich our team which is already 350 strong. For more information please call 01932 723056.

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