Recent data published in the National Hip Fracture Database Report for 2011 shows Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as one of the top performing Trusts in the country for the care and treatment of patients with hip fractures.

Consultant Orthogeriatrician at the Trust, Radcliffe Lisk, explains more: “Hip fracture, also known as a broken hip, is a common, serious injury in older people that can bring loss of mobility and independence and, for some patients, even the loss of their home if they are no longer able to look after themselves.

We know that the quicker we operate on a fractured hip, and the quicker we get a patient back on their feet after the operation, the better a patient’s chance of recovery.

Here at the Trust we have put a lot of work into improving the care and treatment we give to this important group of patients which has been borne out by the results published in this latest report.”

The national database is a way for all Trusts across the country to record data on how they are performing – for example how quickly patients go to surgery, access to specialist staff and treatment, how long patients spend in hospital and so on – which is then compared at a national level so hospitals can measure and improve their performance, providing an even better service for patients.

The latest report was published last week and is based on data collected from over 53,000 cases across the country. The report demonstrates an excellent performance by Ashford and St Peter’s compared to other Trusts across the country which includes:

  • Being within the top 20% of Trusts nationally (and first within the South East Coast region) for getting patients to surgery quickly - since November 2010, the Trust has been operating on over 80% of patients within 36 hours, which is a national measure, and over 60% of patients within 24 hours.
  • One of the top 15% of Trusts getting their patients to a specialist ward within 4 hours.
  • 1st nationally (with 9 other Trusts) for assessing patients before their discharge on bone health and risk of falling – we do this for 100% of our hip fracture patients.
  • 1st across the South East Coast region for assessment by a specialist geriatrician within 72 hours of being admitted to hospital.
  • Expanding the physiotherapy service to 7 days a week means that the Trust is now able to mobilise 74% of patients within 24 hours of surgery.


Ashford and St Peter’s is also the 5th best Trust nationally for achieving the enhanced payments (known as the Best Practice Tariff) for hip fracture treatment, based on a set of nationally agreed standards of care which reflect the elements recorded in the National Hip Fracture Database. 73% of hip fracture patients at the Trust meet these high standards of care, compared to the national average of only 28%.

Consultant Orthogeriatrician Dr Keefai Yeong continues: “We are delighted with the results published in this latest report, which demonstrate the significant progress and investment the Trust has made in treating this vulnerable patient group. The experience of our patients has hugely improved over the last few years and this is due to the dedication of our whole team – including doctors, nurses, therapists, porters, healthcare assistants, everyone – it’s a real team effort.”

The above picture shows the team (from L to R: Back row: Hazel Watters, Orthopaedic Trauma Nurse, Sister Christine Linley, Rachel Simpson, Senior Physiotherapist; Front row: Physiotherapist Mitesh Panchal and Consultant Orthogeriatrician Dr Keefai Yeong, with patient Joan Blackmore (centre) from Shepperton. Mrs Blackmore was admitted to St Peter’s on 8th June with a broken hip and had her surgery the next day, 9th June. “I have been well looked after here,” she commented, “everybody has been so kind, I could not have had better help.”

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