A family from Chobham has raised £5,000 to buy a new piece of heart monitoring equipment for Cedar Ward, a specialist stroke unit, at St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey. Beena Higgins was a patient on the ward in May 2010, but sadly passed away after five days.

Beena’s husband, Francis, and daughters, Karey and Sam, decided to hold a ‘gather’ memorial service at the bluebell woods close to their farmhouse, which was one of Beena’s favourite places. Almost 200 family and friends attended the service and were asked to give money rather than flowers, which was used to buy an Electrocardiography (ECG) machine for Cedar Ward.

The family visited the hospital to present the machine to staff and Francis said: “From the moment my wife came into St Peter’s the care and attention she received was fantastic from the doctors, nurses and all the other staff. She would have certainly approved of us buying the ECG machine – as it’s a lasting touchable piece of equipment which will help to treat other patients.”

Added Claire Barratt, Stroke Specialist Nurse: “Before this kind donation, two wards shared an ECG machine, so having a dedicated one for Cedar Ward is much better for our staff and patients. It enables us to medically manage patients in a more effective way, and to not lose time getting equipment from another ward.”

The ECG machine is used to identify the electrical activity of the heart over time and produces a summary print out of the heart’s rhythms, which enables staff to assess a patient’s condition.

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