The infection control team at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals has been busy throughout International Infection Prevention and Control Week (17th – 23rd October) educating staff, patients and visitors about the importance of good infection control.

Linda Fairhead, Infection Control Consultant Nurse, said: “A zero tolerance approach to healthcare acquired infections through excellent infection control practices is right at the top of our agenda and we particularly wanted to use the opportunity to highlight the importance of good hand hygiene.”

The team set up a promotional stand at the entrance to both hospitals, with materials such as ‘top ten tips for infection control’ on display. They also had a ‘Sharps Awareness afternoon’ to remind staff of the correct way to safely dispose of sharps.

The highlight of the week was a trolley dash around the wards, where the team wore special t-shirts reading ‘wash those bugs away, hand decontaminate today’ and tested staff’s hand hygiene with a special UV machine. Linda said: “After applying a training cream and then covering the hands using the correct technique, the machine shows up any areas which have been missed, and this is a good way of showing people how to clean their hands correctly.”

“I was pleased to see very high infection control standards in our wards and we gave out several prizes to those with the best levels of compliance. There is always more we can do but it is reassuring to know that our staff are taking this issue very seriously and working hard to protect our patients from unnecessary infections.”

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