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A staff member and clinical supplies

Wednesday 6th September 2017, 6-8pm

Education Centre, Ashford Hospital

Agenda Note    
Minutes of the meeting held on 14th June 2017 Agree AF Paper 3.1
Minutes of the special meeting held on 11th July 2017 Agree AF Paper 3.2
Governor Activities Note AR Paper 5.1
Patient Experience Group Report Note KB Paper 5.2
Membership and Community Engagement Group Report Note DS Paper 5.3
Assurance Report Assurance SR Paper 6.1
Performance Report (including A&E) Discussion TS / JT Paper 6.2
Mortality Report Discussion DF / HC Paper 6.3
Maternity Deep Dive Discussion DF / HC Verbal
Strategic Objective Review – Skilled, motivated workforce Discussion MB / LMcK Presentation


Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 6th December 2017, 4-6 pm, Chertsey House, St Peter's Hospital.