Case Number 6642
Request Date 02/04/2019
Completion Date 11/04/2019


Details of the Request

I recently visited St Peter's Hospital and afterwards went to go for a walk in Homewood Park.

When I got to the northern pedestrian entrance, I found my way blocked by a builders fence.

May I ask please, why has the entrance been blocked, how long it is intended remain like this, who gave the authority to block the path off, under what power, and what right of appeal is there?


Details of the Response

The closure of the pedestrian entrance forms part of the land sale requirements of CALA, the buyer. There are no absolute rights of access from the Hospital lands to Homewood Park. There are public access points to Homewood Park at the Guildford Road roundabout and at Stonehill Road Car Park.

The land is now owned by CALA and the Trust is not able to permit use of this route. It was closed as the site will become a construction site in the near future. It may reopen in 3-4 years when the housing estate is completed.