Case Number 6636
Request Date 29/03/2019
Completion Date 08/04/2019


Details of the Request

1. The name of your trust


2. For each of the last five calendar years, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, please state the number of allegations AGAINST a staff member of:

  • Sexual misconduct
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual assault
  • Rape


3. For each of the allegations received, please state:

  • Whether the alleged victim was a member of the public, patient or health worker
  • If health worker, whether they were staff, bank or agency
  • Brief details of allegations
  • Outcome of case (i.e. international investigation, staff members disciplined, sacked)
  • Whether allegations was referred to police
  • In each case found to be proved, whether trust reported concerns about individual to the Healthcare Professional Alert Notices System (HPANs)?


Please specify the Trust’s policy for alerting relevant authorities / future employers about UNREGISTERED / UNQUALIFIED staff (e.g. nursing assistant or healthcare assistant) who are proven (by internal investigation) to have committed acts pertaining to sexual misconduct / sexual harassment / sexual assault / rape.


Details of the Response

The Trust holds this information, but considers it is exempt under section 21 of the Act, as it is reasonably accessible to you by other means. You can find the information at the Trust’s website: relating to FOI 6434 and FOI 6519.

If you require any further information please let us know.