Case Number 6528
Request Date 11/02/2019
Completion Date 12/02/2019


Details of the Request

Support and Maintenance - e.g. switches, router, software etc

Managed - If this includes services than just LAN.

  1. Contract Type: Managed or Maintenance
  2. Existing Supplier: Who is the current supplier?
  3. Annual Spend for each supplier: What is the annual average spending on the supplier above? If there is more than one supplier please split the annual averages spend for each supplier.
  4. Number of Users: Please can you provide me with the number of users this contract covers. Approximate number of users will also be acceptable.
  5. Number of Sites: The number of sites, where equipment is supported by each contract.
  6. Hardware Brand: What is the hardware brand of the LAN equipment?
  7. Contract Description: Please provide me with a brief description of the overall contract.
  8. Contract Duration: What is the duration of the contract is and can you please also include any extensions this may include.
  9. Contract Expiry Date: When does the contract expire?
  10. Contract Review Date: When will the organisation is planning to review the contract?
  11. Responsible Officer: Contact details including name, job title, contact number and email address?


Details of the Response

The Trust considers it is exempt under section 14 of the Act on the grounds that it is identical to the request answered on 29th January 2019 (reference FOI 6468).