Case Number 6508
Request Date 28/01/2019
Completion Date 28/02/2019


Details of the Request

Please provide information on your organisations rostering suppliers for the following staff groups:

  • Medical & Dental
  • Nursing & HCA's
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Scientific
  • Admin & Clerical
  • Estates & Facilities
  1. What % of the workforce for the following staff groups are rostered on their respective rostering systems
  2. What ROI has your trust recorded since the implementation of the e-Roster solution
  3. Can employees flexible working patterns be included and managed via the e-Roster solution?
  4. Does the e-roster solution allow mass data extraction at shift / duty level?
  5. Are financial elements (shift / staff costs and establishment costs) managed through the e-Roster system?
  6. Is the Rostering system available as a mobile app (available for download on the Appstore)?
  7. Is the e-Rostering system auto-generated (considering all service and staff variables, with minimal manual adjustments required)?
  8. Does the e-Rostering system provide forecasting/predictive functionality in terms of future staffing requirements?
  9. Is the trust able to monitor the monetary value of making its roster more efficient?
  10. Please list the name of the individual who signed the contracts for the e-Rostering Solution
  11. Please list the job title of the individual who signed the contracts for the e-Rostering Solution


Details of the Response

I have been researching into workforce management within the NHS and as such am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act to request the attached information relating to e-Rostering within your trust. Attached to this email is an excel document containing a table with a simple layout for your convenience in answering the questions.

E-Rostering is only applicable for Nursing and HCAs.

The Trust holds this information, but considers it is exempt under section 21 of the Act, as it is reasonably accessible to you by other means. You can find the information at the Trust’s website on the following link.