Case Number 6471
Request Date 14/01/2019
Completion Date 30/01/2019


Details of the Request

Please send me information on the number and nature of compensation claims brought against your organisation by members of staff who have sustained an injury or contracted a disease while employed your organisation since January 2016 to the present time (last 3 years).

I would like a year by year breakdown, preferably on an excel document via email, detailing:

  • Details of the injury (i.e. moving and handling injury, slips / trips / falls and so on)
  • Staff role if known (i.e. staff nurse, doctor)
  • Whether compensation was paid
  • The total amount of compensation paid
  • If information available, any action taking following the incident (i.e. additional training, non-slip flooring and so on)


Details of the Response

Ref No Date Opened Synopsis Total Payment Action
NCC/067 Mar-18 Walking into the bathroom when she slipped and fell on the floor due to allegedly there being a large puddle of water in the middle of the floor and no warning sign in place. On going  
NCC/050 Apr-18 Attempting to raise a brake bar at the end of a bed, bar was stuck, claimant applied more pressure, suddenly the brake bar released quickly thereby causing him to sustain an injury to his left knee. £4,925 Not known
NCC/064 Oct-17 Alleging colleague was holding the wrong side of a slide sheet and when they tried to move the patient the claimant was injured as she pulled the sheet due to the colleague holding the wrong side. Alleging she sustained tennis elbow with tissue damage. Ongoing  
NCC/051 2016 Allegedly slipped on urine that was on the floor besides a pt's bed, fell backwards, banging the back of her head on a footstool and twisting her ankle before landing on her back. Claim refuted, file closed  
NCC/060 Mar-17 Alleging she was pushing a trolley through a doorway and as she did so she caught her right little finger on a metal plate immediately below the lock on the door. The metal plate had been worn away by repeated collisions over time causing it to become very sharp. £4,737 Not known
NCC/065 Jan-17 Slipped and fell on a substance on the floor, alleging there were no warning signs. Hurt her elbow, wrist and shoulder. Claim refuted, file closed  
NCC/061 May-17 Alleging she had just commenced work in Urology and the chair provided for her was not suitable. A new chair was ordered, although delayed in arriving. In the meantime, Claimant used a chair with a broken back and her injuries worsened and she went off sick. Claim refuted, file closed