Case Number 6438
Request Date 02/01/2019
Completion Date 09/01/2019


Details of the Request

  • IT Director / Head of IT
  • Chief Nursing Informatics Officer
  • Chief Clinical Information Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer / Advisor
  • Chief Digital Officer

Full / part time


Other people in IT deparments

  • Total
  • Full / part time


Details of the Response

Position Name Full-Time (Yes/No)
IT Director/Head of IT Morné Beck (Head of IT) Yes
Chief Nursing Informatics Officer n/a n/a
Chief Clinical Information Officer Vacant since 31/12/2018 No
Chief Information Officer Laura Ellis-Philip (Associate Dir of Informatics) Yes
Chief Technology Officer/Advisor n/a n/a
Chief Digital Officer n/a n/a


  # Total # Full-Time
Other people in IT deparments 43 39