Case Number 4763
Request Date 10/05/2016
Completion Date 24/05/2016


Details of the Request

My questions relate to the implementation of the new Junior Doctor’s Contract.

  1. Is the trust on course to implement the new contract in August 2016?
  2. What steps the trust has taken to discuss with junior doctors working within it or under lead employer arrangements about the implementation of the contract and the perspective of trainees?
  3. Has the trust advertised / is planning to advertise for the new guardian role(s)? If so please supply further information about the job specification, essential requirements and person specification.

In addition I would be grateful if you could provide any materials pertaining to the implementation of the new contract within your trust. This should include but not be limited to

  1. New rota designs (with comparisons from before)
  2. Any modelling relating to the effects for the trust (including cost impact, levels of staffing across the week, impact upon training)
  3. Details of any plans to change services offered in order to implement 7 day services as a result of this contract change.
  4. Any correspondence from or to NHS employers, Health Education England or the local deanery regarding contract implementation.


Details of the Response

The Trust has ceased work on the implementation of the new contract as the BMA are balloting their members on the new agreement.