Case Number 4727
Request Date 13/04/2016
Completion Date 10/05/2016 


Details of the Request

We are currently doing some research around the procurement of medical equipment within NHS Trusts in the United Kingdom and require information that relates to the organisation’s live contracts around the procurement of medical equipment.

  1. Airway Management
  2. Anaesthetic oxygen and resuscitation
  3. Audiology
  4. Cannula and catheters
  5. Cardiology
  6. Clinical departments
  7. Clinical products
  8. Continence care
  9. Dental consumables
  10. Drapes and gowns
  11. Neuromodulation
  12. Operating theatre products
  13. Ophthalmics
  14. Orthopaedics
  15. Pathology
  16. Patient monitoring
  17. Pressure area care
  18. Rehabilitation
  19. Stoma care
  20. Urology
  21. Woman and child/sexual health promotion
  22. Wound management


Can you please provide me the full version of your contracts that lists all the contracts the organisation has around medical equipment? I would prefer you send me this information in an excel format.

Please do not send me a simple contract’s register that only list contract dates and supplier names as I require department, categories and contract owner. The more the better.

We are currently conducting this research within your region and have also contacted similar organisations to obtain the same information.


Please if possible, can you include:

  1. Existing Supplier
  2. Annual Spend
  3. Contract Brief
  4. Contract Dates
  5. Department
  6. Product Categories – The more the better.
  7. Contract Description
  8. Contract Owner including job title and email address
  9. If possible can you also provide me with the contact details of the person responsible for uploading and publishing the contract’s register.


Details of the Response

The Trust holds the requested information, but considers it is exempt under section 12 of the Act, as the cost of compliance is estimated to exceed the appropriate limit.

We estimate that it will take us in excess of 2.5 working days to determine appropriate material and locate, retrieve and extract the information in reference to your request. Therefore, your request will not be processed further.

Section 12 of the Act makes provision for public authorities to refuse requests for information where the cost of dealing with them would exceed the appropriate limit, which for Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is set at £450. This represents the estimated cost of one person spending 2.5 working days in determining whether the department holds the information, locating, retrieving and extracting the information. You may wish to refine your request by narrowing its scope by being more specific about what information you particularly wish to obtain, including any dates or period of time relevant to the information required.