Case Number 4698
Request Date 30/03/2016
Completion Date 31/03/2016


Details of the Request

Relating to the Trust’s current patient transport service:

  1. How is this assessed? e.g. by phone, in person; in consultation with a doctor or other medical professional?
  2. What is the appeals process for those not deemed eligible for patient transport?


Contract details

  1. Who currently provides your contract to supply your non-emergency patient transport services?
  2. When was the award made for the current supply of Patient Transport and when does it run until?
  3. What is the annual value of the contract?
  4. What is the annual number of journeys per month outsourced by your patient transport provider?
  5. Who is the person(s) responsible for patient transport at the Trust?
  6. Please can you provide a breakdown of the number and mileage of non-emergency Patient Transport journeys carried out for each month from March 2015 to March 2016?


KPI and performance monitoring

  1. What KPI or performance measures are currently in place for your service? Could I please have a list of all measures, targets and penalties for underperformance?
  2. Please state what other standards (e.g. punctuality, cleanliness, reporting) are written into the contract specification.
  3. Is there a patients' user group involved in the overseeing of the patient transport contract? If not, do you have any mechanisms through which patient transport users are involved in the governance of patient transport?
  4. What is your Patient transport policy?


Complaints, Cancellations & Delays

  1. How many complaints (e.g. driver behaviour, lateness, etc.) did you get relating to patient transport from March 2015 to March 2016?
  2. How many hospital appointments have been missed due to patient transport lateness from March 2015 to March 2016?
  3. How many times from March 2015 to March 2016 was there a discharge delay due to patient transport issues?


Details of the Response

The Trust does not have patient transport contracts. These contracts are made between the CCGs in our area, namely North West Surrey CCG ( and Surrey Downs CCG (