Case Number 4670
Request Date 16/03/2016
Completion Date 29/03/2016


Details of the Request

In line with the Freedom of Information Act (2000) we would like to understand the extent of cancellations and postponements of cardiac surgery, in particular heart valve replacement surgery within your Trust.

We would be grateful if you could respond to the following questions:

  1. How many heart valve replacement surgical procedures for adults (see list of OPCS codes below) were performed between 1st February 2015 and 1st February 2016?
  2. Of these how many were for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) procedures for adults (see list of OPCS codes below)?
  3. Over the last 12 months (1st February 2015 – 1st February 2016) how many cancellations and postponements were made for heart valve replacement surgery for adults?
  4. Of these cancellations and postponements how many were for TAVI?
  5. What proportion of TAVI procedures were cancelled and postponed by the Trust versus the patient?
  6. How many patients were removed from the TAVI waiting list due to death?
  • K25.1 Allograft replacement of mitral valve
  • K25.2 Xenograft replacement of mitral valve
  • K25.3 Prosthetic replacement of mitral valve
  • K25.4 Replacement of mitral valve NEC
  • K26.1 Allograft replacement of aortic valve
  • K26.2 Xenograft replacement of aortic valve
  • K26.3 Prosthetic replacement of aortic valve
  • K26.4 Replacement of aortic valve NEC
  • K27.1 Allograft replacement of tricuspid valve
  • K27.2 Xenograft replacement of tricuspid valve
  • K27.3 Prosthetic replacement of tricuspid valve
  • K27.4 Replacement of tricuspid valve NEC
  • K28.1 Allograft replacement of pulmonary valve
  • K28.2 Xenograft replacement of pulmonary valve
  • K28.3 Prosthetic replacement of pulmonary valve
  • K28.4 Replacement of pulmonary valve NEC
  • K29.1 Allograft replacement of valve of heart NEC
  • K29.2 Xenograft replacement of valve of heart NEC
  • K29.3 Prosthetic replacement of valve of heart NEC
  • K29.4 Replacement of valve of heart NEC
  • K26.2 + Y794 TAVI transapical approach
  • K26.2 + Y791-Y799 TAVI transluminal approach


Details of the Response

The Trust does not perform cardiac surgery.