Case Number 4660
Request Date 07/03/2016
Completion Date 21/03/2016


Details of the Request

Name of incident management system used:

  • Failure in discharge process
  • Delay in discharge process due to Trust error
  • Delay in discharge due to external organisation
  • Inappropriate discharge
  • Discharge information not provided/forwarded
  • Self-discharge against medical advice
  • Transport - late arrival
  • Transport dept. staff - inappropriate action
  • Transport - not booked
  • Patient transported to wrong place
  • Unable to book transport / ambulance


Details of the Response

Name of incident management system used: Datix


Category Administration Maternity Drug Clinical Transport
Sub-categories Patient – Discharge Issue No notification of discharge to community TTO discharge issue Patient – self discharge against medical advice Ambulance transfer issue
Delay in patient transfer between sites
Delay in transport out
Inappropriate transport
Patient transport late
Transfer of notes issue
Other transport issue