Case Number 4648
Request Date 29/02/2016
Completion Date 18/04/2016 


Details of the Request

How many staff currently employed at your trust (across all areas) hold a criminal record?

Please break down these numbers by profession/sector: e.g. nurses, doctors, midwives, etc.

If a breakdown by profession is not possible, then instead, please simply supply the figures broken down by:

  • Medical staff (e.g. doctors, nurses, etc.)
  • Non medical staff (e.g. porters, admin, security, cleaners, etc.)

Please provide a full list of the convictions these criminal records relate to, again breaking down by profession (or medical and non-medical staff if that is how you have provided the information in (1.).)

Providing you hold this information: please supply figures for 'spent' convictions.


Details of the Response

Pre-employment checks are carried out on every member of Trust staff to ensure that satisfactory clearances are obtained for anyone starting work, and this includes a check of criminal records, in accordance with the Health Act 2006. The Disclosure and Barring Service provides an additional check before employment starts and is rechecked on a regularly basis. If a candidate has a criminal record a risk assessment is carried out to assess whether they may be offered employment or not. Any information about criminal records and risk assessment is held confidentially in the employee’s personal file. It would be too time consuming to look through each individual employee’s file and therefore the Trust considers it is exempt under section 12 of the Act, as the cost of compliance is estimated to exceed the appropriate limit.