Case Number 4603
Request Date 03/02/2016
Completion Date 22/02/2016


Details of the Request

This information relates to multi-disciplinary meetings(E.g. for cancer patients), and in particular for private patients discussed at the NHS MDT meeting.

  1. Can the Trust confirm whether it has received payment from private medical insurance companies for discussion of privately insured patients in the Trust multi-disciplinary team MDT meetings?
  2. Can the Trust confirm which private medical insurance companies have remunerated any such charge for MDT discussion in the last 3 years?
  3. Can the Trust confirm if individual private patients are invoiced for MDT discussion, if he/she does not have private medical insurance?
  4. The amount of the current charge levied against private patients/insurance companies for each MDT discussion episode.


Details of the Response

The Trust does not provide care on a private basis to patients required to be discussed as part of an MDT approach to care.